Sulcino’s Deck of Tarot App apha

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This is preview of app I’m working on. Many features I have on todo list, e.g. spreads editor, more natural shuffle, iCloud sync etc.

But in the first place I need some tarot decks I can legally use. So if you know some free to use deck, or you create tarot cards and would be willing to provide them for this app under some conditions, please let me know.

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Vector Layer Animation Basics Cheat Sheet

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Sketch - Animation

Take some UIView

Make and setup layer for vector shape

Make path for shape layer

Add path to layer

Add layer to view

Now our view shows our brand new vector shape. Now we’ll animate it.

Prepare target shape for our animation

Setup animation

Add animation to layer

That’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

CoreData Basics Cheat Sheet

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Get app delegate

Get context

Get entity

Get managed object

Add value to managed object

Save context

Fetching from Core Data

Ink doodling

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Digital Portrait

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