Sulcino’s Dice Roller

Simple handy dice rolling app for (paper) RPG players.


App knows rules of

World of Dafkness
New World of Darkness
Shadowrun 5th


Just choose game system, number of dice and target number and hit ROLL.

DiceRoller iPhone6 all small

Quick Guide

i button

Shows quick help.

roll result

Displays results of rolls. Number of successes, critical failures and so on.

dice pool … dice

Shows number of dice in current dice pool. It can be changed by add dice to dice pool and subtract dice from dice pool buttons.

rules buttons

Choose game which you want to make rolls for.

dice picker

Choose number of dice.

tn picker

Choose target number for roll.

add dice to dice pool button

This button adds to dice pool as many dice to the as is chosen by dice picker.

subtract dice from dice pool button

Oposite to add dice button, this button subtract from dice pool as many dice as is chosen by dice picker.

choose rules – iPad, iPhone 4s and similar only

Displays screen to choose game.

DiceRoller iPhone4 all small



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